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We understand people using market-leading online communities, qualitative research and by exploring culture and trends.

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We all know that people don’t always do what they say, or say what they do! So, in addition to asking questions, we listen to their natural conversations, and observe their real-life behaviour. Our flexible insight ecosystem helps us achieve this by combining agile and immersive methodologies to deliver faster and more in-depth insights.

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GSK global healthcare community

GSK wanted to include consumers far more in their decision making around the globe. Their vision was for a community that allowed them to "immerse the consumer in every conversation through delivering unbiased, actionable, forward thinking insights that drive successful innovation, design & communication".

GSK Consumer Healthcare needed a solution with capacity, over 150 reports a year, and a solution with speed that gave them 24/7 access to their customers. Our qualitative Health Hub provided the answer.

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DirectAsia usability testing

DirectAsia in Singapore wanted to understand how consumers interacted with their car insurance quote portal to increase online sales conversion.

We recruited a mix of customers and non-customers to take part in a usability interview, exploring expectations and perceptions of the car insurance market generally, and observing as they applied for a car insurance quote using the portal.

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the talkability of ITV content

ITV theorised that shows released on subscription video on demand (SVOD) services received high levels of ‘talkability’ in relation to their actual viewership and when compared to the buzz created by the launch of new TV content, including their own.

This project was about understanding the extent and potential impact of this with a view to informing the ITV Content Marketing team about what they could do to boost their own programmes’ talkability.

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Nationwide communications

Nationwide, working in partnership with Visa Europe, wanted to understand how best to communicate a new 'digital wallet' solution for online purchases, to help drive awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately product sign up.

Using the Nationwide Customer Connect community, 15 telephone depth interviews were conducted amongst a mixture of younger and older life stage segments to gather an in-depth reaction to a variety of communication material, including email, website and video compilation.

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intu shopper journeys

intu had a good understanding of some touchpoints, and the in-centre experience for some customer groups. However, to enhance the customer experience further, they needed to look at the customer journey of each shopper type in detail, in order that staff training in all centres go further in developing intu's brand promise of bringing joy.

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