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As an innovative, award-winning consumer insight agency, we help you make better business decisions through a deep understanding of people. Wherever you are, we join the dots between your business needs, the best primary research approaches and our in-depth understanding of the consumer world.

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with our clients, including:

what we do

online communities & panels

We've been market leaders in online communities from the very start. The benefits of working with us are clear: we have the experience to make communities flourish; we deliver what we promise; and most importantly, we excel at using ongoing research programmes to deliver insight across the globe.

customer journeys

Our rich heritage in digital research has made us one of the UK's leading exponents of customer journey mapping. Using our consumer decision-making framework, we apply mapping techniques to help our clients optimise their services, products and communication; undertake ideation; and achieve strategic differentiation.  

culture & trends

We harness contextual data to deliver fresh insights. Our Culture & Trends team specialise in analysing secondary research and market data using our unique decision making framework and consumer trends model. Whether stand-alone or integrated with primary research, we use context to give you the bigger picture.

digital, social & mobile

We were the first UK agency to specialise in digital research. Since 1998, we've consistently broken new ground in both methodology and thought leadership. Using our experience, we continue to help our clients understand the changing nature of consumer behaviour in an increasingly complex, multichannel world.

global insight

With over 40% of our research conducted outside the UK last year, we've engaged with consumers on a global scale, from Brazil to Thailand. Our network of native moderators, our experienced international researchers and our consumer trends team ensure that we understand how culture impacts on insight, so we can deliver a global voice on a local level.