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Statistical  techniques are powerful tools that can help us get to the bottom of your business questions with one clear aim; to simplify the complex. They can also help us mimic real life so you get a better understanding of how the people you want to reach make their decisions.

At the heart of our approach is our belief that using advanced analytical tools is only truly effective when coupled with a strong understanding of your business and the challenge in question. Knowing this informs our methodology and, in turn, helps us interpret the results to provide a meaningful and actionable answer.

As experts in communicating research, we know how to simplify complex business issues. Moreover, our keen quantitative researchers will combine these powerful statistical techniques with elements of our insight ecosystem, to deliver with impact.

ask: BBC decision frameworks

The BBC wanted to understand how people make decisions (large or small) and in particular, to quantify existing hypotheses around this. They also sought to understand how cognitive biases, social pressures and digital technology influence how people find and use information.

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