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applied futures

We know our clients are often plugged into large amounts of trend data and reports, and are often unsure on how to act upon it strategically to get ahead, especially in times of industry change. As a result, trends work is often criticised for being too distant, too theoretical and ultimately too difficult to apply commercially.

At Join the Dots, we strive to help our clients gain clarity and thrive in times of change by applying trends in a way that helps them proactively plan for the future.

applications of applied futures

Fueling and Focusing Innovation: For consumer brands, making the right moves in times of change is important, and too many missteps can be costly. By making sense of the forces of change in the context of your commercial challenges, we can help drive innovation and ensure it stays focused on what’s important long term.


Brand Positioning and Strategy: Applied Futures can be used to navigate your brand through change and articulate an informed vision of the future. Using tools including trends mapping and leading-edge insight, we can help to ensure your brand stays abreast of emerging needs and behaviours while maintaining its core integrity.


Scenario Planning: Nobody knows exactly what will happen in the future. However, the present is full of signs we can analyse to give you clarity of possible scenarios your business may face in the future. Through collaborative workshops we can work through scenarios together to help you plan for your future.

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