social intelligence (associate director level)

Wage: £38,000-£44,000

Location: Manchester

the role

What can working in Social Intelligence offer?

  • Skill set broadening – adding to existing skills. Market researchers with social intelligence skills are fairly niche in the market at present, with the use of social data growing this can be a great career opportunity
  • Chance to be part of a new and growing part of the business with the opportunity to be involved in building new processes, ways of working, as well as team comms and new business development support
  • Working with and evaluating new technologies and data analysis software, being key part of their evaluation and training others on how to use them

Project types:

  • Evaluating the performance of a brand’s social media presence
  • Evaluating engagement with digital campaigns
  • Understanding consumers, specific audiences and influencers
  • Exploring consumer conversations around a brand or topic area
  • Integrating listening approaches with primary research

Key tasks:

Overview – exploring and curating insights from numerous sources to build and create actionable research outputs. Daily tasks include:

  • Client liaison – projects communications (defining a brief, agreeing outputs, updating on progress, discussing findings etc.)
  • A Social Intelligence methodology ambassador within the business, preparing research proposals and attending pitches
  • Working with social listening tools and creating data collection searches (using key words)

–     Working with other observational data sources such as Google and Amazon search data

  • Transforming unstructured data into traditional structured elements via code frames and sentiment analysis – working with AI coding software. Quality checking of coded data
  • Working with both quant metrics and qualitative data (verbatims) to develop hypothesis
  • Using insights to support in the development of social media and content strategies

We are looking for…

  • Someone with an appetite for new ideas and approaches. The aim is to build and grow the team we need someone who has an interest in the approach and is happy to voice their ideas and opinions as it is developed further
  • Creative thinker, someone who can go beyond the obvious in the data and present data findings in an interesting and attention grabbing manner. Can think of the bigger picture and apply insights strategically

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