Freeview – Understanding Switchers

the challenge

Freeview identified a need to broaden and build upon their existing knowledge of their target audience in order that they might determine the likely triggers and barriers to Freeview adoption and to more accurately identify where these consumers drop out of the ‘switching to Freeview’ journey.

what we did

We designed an approach that could get Freeview closer to the realities of their target market’s experiences and their (multifaceted and complex) reasons for either committing to switching providers or to defaulting to the status quo. Specifically, we put together a multi-method methodology that enabled us to not only follow consumers through the switching process in real-time but to also measure the likely influence and impact of specific optimisation measures developed during our time with them. The research was further informed by our forward facing and behavioural economics inspired in-house consumer trends team.

how we did it

The multi-staged project enabled us to understand the weighting of the barriers across the consumer switching journey and deepened our understanding of the consumer experience at each specific stage – from simple ‘awareness’ right through to the point of decision. We began with a consumer trends workshop that pushed us to consolidate what we already knew and assisted us in thinking about wider macro-trends likely impacting on choices in the marketplace today. We then connected with switchers through a bespoke online community, testing our hypotheses and beginning to broadly scope out drivers and barriers within the switching journey. This broad understanding helped us to better target deep dive, in-home ethno-depths with the most active and articulate community members.  And here we were accompanied by a professional filmmaker. Finally, to give Freeview the direction they needed, the project was wrapped up with an online survey with 1800 ‘switchers’.

the results

The project has provided Freeview with a clear map of the switching journey and this has helped them to identify where the key barriers to choosing Freeview have the most impact. Our approach combined robust figures with a deep understanding of the consumer mindset in the switching space. Our final report was peppered with short form video edits that really brought this story to life for our client and was accompanied by a short, insight driven, movie of the research take outs. The report has been shared with wider stakeholders at Freeview and has enabled the team there to make key strategic decisions around their communications strategy for the coming year.

the team

Sarah De Caux

Senior Research Director, Spirit

client quote

“Join the Dots did a great job in telling switchers’ stories.

They came up with a methodology that looked at the switching experience from every angle – using a short term community, an online survey and ethno depths.

The video they produced as part of this was invaluable in bringing the consumers mindset, their core needs and their key frustrations to life.

And the final debrief was an excellent example of how you distil a great deal of information into a clear and solid point of view.

As a client, it's rare that you walk out of a debrief, where all of your worst fears and suspicions are confirmed, but you can't wait to come in tomorrow and start changing the organisation. I can't thank JtDs enough for providing the catalyst for change at Freeview.”

Jasmin Matharu
Head of Insight and Brand Strategy