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DirectAsia in Singapore wanted to understand how consumers interacted with their car insurance quote portal to increase online sales conversion. The digital team also wanted to develop a set of consumer mind-sets to inform future development of the portal and marketing messages.

To build on the hypotheses in the brief, we carried out an executive review of the web portal to predict likely stall points in the user journey. We then recruited a mix of DirectAsia customers and non-customers to take part in a usability interview, exploring expectations and perceptions of the car insurance market generally, and observing as they applied for a car insurance quote using the portal.

With the client’s team observing, we were able to analyse and discuss collaboratively with the team in between sessions, allowing us to tailor the guide and iteratively develop the interviews to gain further insights, and to get deeper into the psyche of the consumer experience.

The final workshop focused on how to drive online conversion, from the psychological impact of stall points to small ‘nudges’ which can encourage users to continue their journey online. We also worked through three key ‘personas’ or customer mind-sets with the team, to help them keep different customer types in mind for future portal developments, and to develop relevant marketing messages.

Our team

Karen Schofield
Managing Director, Singapore

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During the pitch, briefing and throughout the research process the team at Join the Dots demonstrated their expertise in a friendly and approachable manner. They recruited well, key for our brief, and the user sessions were run collaboratively with us suggesting changes as we went. This was handled brilliantly.

During the de-brief workshop they helped us take the research and turn this into actions for the short, medium and longer term which we’re working through now to great effect. We’ll continue to use the excellent ‘mind set’ personas they developed to guide our future thinking.

Ronnie Brown
Head of Digital

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