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Our customer, GSK Consumer Healthcare (GSK CH), felt that they wanted to include consumers far more in their decision making around the globe. Their vision was for a community that allowed them to “immerse the consumer in every conversation through delivering unbiased, actionable, forward thinking insights that drive successful innovation, design and communication”.

GSK CH needed a solution with capacity, over 150 reports a year, and a solution with speed that gave them 24/7 access to their customers. Our qualitative Health Hub provided the answer.

Working with GSK Consumer Healthcare, we built the Health Hub to:

  • Span eight countries and contain over 8000 members;
  • Support the key categories of Oral Health, Wellness, Skin Health and Nutrition;
  • Provide research in local languages across countries.

We focused the community on supporting GSK’s business in a number of key areas:

  • The creation of ideas;
  • Testing of new product ideas and concepts;
  • Developing the appropriate content for customers;
  • Developing category strategy.

To support the international elements of the Health Hub, we also provided access to our Local Market Moderators, a specialist team of country experts who provide us with the cultural context and linguistic fluency needed to really understand consumers across countries.

However, the Health Hub wasn’t designed just to be a tactical tool for fast research; it was also designed to be a consumer knowledge hub. This means that we look at all of the reports we produce to understand the collective emerging insight that sit across them. We look at this insight through the eyes of our Local Market Moderators and through the eyes of global consumer trends to prepare forward looking reports on how we see key markets developing in the next six, twelve and eighteen months.

The Health Hub is going from strength to strength. In 2013 over 120 tactical research projects were delivered, typically to a timescale of 10 days from sign off to report. These reports varied from ideation, through concept exploration to understanding behaviour using mobile ethnography. In addition to these more tactical reports, we’ve provided a further three forward looking, strategic reports, which have engaged internal stakeholders and been the catalyst for internal working groups. In 2014 we added further capacity, added an extra category and added two further countries.

It is our ability, to produce research in the most appropriate language, that we’ve found to be the feature that has really engaged our international stakeholders. The Health Hub can undertake research in Japanese, in Japan, or in Portuguese, in Brazil.

Our team

Andy Cumming
Head of International Research

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The Health Hub really has lived up to those challenging objectives we set. It, along with the team at Join the Dots, produces excellent day to day reports, but supplements those with a whole series of more strategic thought pieces, around emerging trends that challenge our business and our thinking.

Also, with the way it has been set up across category, it has really helped us shape and share ideas across our business.

Joanna Stanbridge
Senior Insight Manager

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