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In 2016, House of Fraser embarked on a project to develop their brand ideology. As part of this they needed us to get them closer to their target customer, ‘Jo’. Our job was to unravel what makes her, her – in ways that would bring her to life for keys stakeholders throughout the business.

As all great research projects should, our journey began with a ‘meeting of minds’ at a quirky little piano bar in London! Here we spent time – client, audience and research team together – getting to know one another better and exploring some of the more sensitive  aspects of their lives over nibbles and prosecco.

At this event we were able to identify women who truly epitomised the target customer and who were happy to invite us into their homes and bring us even closer to the realities of their day to day lives. We took our filmmaker along too, which enabled us to produce a series of short films that truly brought the women to life. Finally, to give House of Fraser the direction they needed, the project was wrapped up with an online survey and input from our dedicated Culture & Trends team.

Our team

Sarah De Caux
Senior Research Director

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The research has helped our business to focus on who our customer truly is, what she wants and what makes her tick. It has brought the customer to life in creative, relatable and easy to understand terms, enabling the business to consistently and collectively put the customer at the forefront of what we do.

Amy Vernon
Research Manager

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