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intu had a good understanding of some some touchpoints, and the in-centre experience for some customer groups. However, to enhance the customer experience further, they needed to look at the customer journey of each shopper type in detail, in order that staff training in all centres go further in delivering against intu’s brand promise of bringing joy.

Our challenge was to map out the journeys for the different customer groups identified, highlighting the halo moments, pain points and touchpoints (both physical and offline) in the customer experience. We also wanted to ensure that we were building on what intu already knew, and validating hypotheses, rather than repeating previous work.

Before conducting any primary research, we audited all of the research findings from the online community we run for intu to consolidate our knowledge. We then took these findings into a client workshop, where we identified remaining knowledge gaps.

We then looked to validate and build on the initial journey maps with two stages of primary research. Firstly, we invited consumers from each of the customer groups along to a workshop with members of the intu team, where we interrogated the findings to date. Finally, we conducted extensive accompanied shops with each of the different customer groups. Participants were pre-tasked with telling us about any preparation for their trip before we met them at their home, travelled to the centre with them and spent a few hours shopping with them to gather in the moment feedback on the customer journey.

The project has provided intu with a set of independently validated journey maps for each of their key customer groups that can be used to help build on existing staff training, with the new insight ensuring a more aligned and targeted approach to delivering against its brand promise across all intu centres.

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