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Nationwide, working in partnership with Visa Europe, wanted to understand how best to communicate a new ‘digital wallet’ solution for online purchases, to help drive awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately product sign up.

Using the Nationwide Customer Connect community, 15 telephone depth interviews were conducted amongst a mixture of younger and older life stage segments to gather an in-depth reaction to a variety of communication material, including email, website and video compilation.

Each respondent was pre-recruited via an online survey, to take part in a follow up 35-40 minute telephone interview. A pre-interview pack, comprising all research materials, was sent out in the post in readiness for the telephone depth interviews.

The research was designed to get an in-depth reaction to, and understanding of, customer responses to the new digital wallet per se, the online process and expected take up and usage to help inform marketing communications for a soft launch.

Customer feedback was used to improve the communication offer, with particular focus being given to providing examples of the specific cards that can be used as well as links to the by Visa website for more information on the protection element of the proposition.

The new proposition was subsequently launched and the registrations from customers to date have so far exceeded expectations.

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Paul Child
Senior Client Director

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An excellent job by Join the Dots, robustly testing a range of stimulus material including video content. The findings were clear and actionable, providing recommendations for improvements to the communications. As a result, we achieved record numbers of people opening the communications and signing up to the initiative.

Fay Arbon
Customer Research Manager

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