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The insights and planning teams at TSB commissioned Join the Dots to assess and distil existing customer and market insights around their lending products and borrowing in general, in order to inform future marketing and proposition development.

Through a process of stakeholder interviews and desk research, we combined primary research reports and data supplied by TSB with the most up to date information available on consumers’ lives now and forecast future changes and trends, gathered through our exposure to different markets, sectors and changing consumer needs.

The final presentation brought to life the key findings using market research, competitor review and trend data, supported by the latest thinking on consumer motivations, and crystallised this narrative into a ‘big idea’ to inform future strategy. This was delivered via an action workshop, led  by our creative strategist, with a report and infographic distilling the key learnings.

The insights identified have been shared with key stakeholders across the bank and TSB’s key agency partners, and are now being used to inform  the communication and product strategies for the ‘Borrow Well’ team. The infographic has also been made into posters and displayed internally, providing a visual reminder of the ‘customer truths’ identified through the research.

Our team

Kelly McKnight
Head of Culture & Trends

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Working with Join the Dots on this project was great, at the outset Kelly and her team really took the time to understand TSB and the way we work and to nail down the key objectives we needed to meet. This set things up very well for the rest of the project and we were delighted with the insights they identified from reviewing multiple research projects and how they then combined these with trends data to produce some key customer truths.

The ‘big idea’ identified as part of the project will be used to help inform future marketing campaigns and we were impressed with the actionable set of outputs they produced.

Tim Brunwin
Customer Research Team

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