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Our aim at Join the Dots is to help clients make better business decisions through a deep understanding of people. To gain this understanding, we combine the best primary research approaches with our knowledge of the consumer world. But understanding people alone is not enough. It’s also crucial for us to understand your business challenges and commercial landscape. To do this, we develop a holistic view of your business, including what is happening in your markets and categories, what your competitors are doing, and how wider socio-economic factors and trends are impacting your consumers.

This kind of knowledge doesn’t come about overnight, but rather through building relationships with your stakeholders and customers, immersing our team in micro and macro environments, and harnessing our existing knowledge of your world. By taking this approach, we gain a holistic view of your challenges and help you make better business decisions. Our work with Freeview is a great example of this – as  a result of our understanding of their business challenges, Freeview changed the direction of their advertising with a £15m campaign due to be executed over the next 12 months.

understanding Freeview switchers

Freeview identified a need to broaden and build upon their existing knowledge of their target audience in order that they might determine the likely triggers and barriers to Freeview adoption and to more accurately identify where these consumers drop out of the ‘switching to Freeview’ journey

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