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commercial semiotics

In order to tackle consumer focused challenges, we need to understand the cultural meanings ingrained in the world around us. In the Culture and Trends team, we strive to bring practical and actionable insights to clients through Commercial Semiotics.

We know Semiotics can be confusing, and it can often be unclear how to apply the take-outs to your day-to-day objectives. With this in mind, we have designed our offer to cut through this uncertainty without diluting the richness or rigor behind it. We pride ourselves on the promise that we equip clients with understandable, tangible insights and recommendations by drawing on the foundations of Semiotic academic principles.

applications of commercial semiotics

Identifying Trends: To identify current, emergent trends and also reflect on a time gone by, to expose the context of what is sitting behind consumer trends on a deeper cultural level.


Portfolio Management: To unravel the patterns of communication in categories, offering advice on how to scale brands globally, as it looks at cultural differences and the impact this has on the way people interpret and perceive things around them.


Brand Positioning and Strategy: Re-focus and re-imagine brand evolution with the aim of staying culturally relevant. By unraveling brand identity and marketing comms, Semiotics is an essential tool used to understand and design the message you want a brand to convey.


Brand Design: In the design phase Semiotics can be applied to understand the marketplace in which a new product is being launched, deriving the category codes of a particular segment and framing the potential opportunities to shake things up!

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