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Our approach to online communities and panels has remained the same since we ran our first community in 2006; to focus on getting you closer to customers. Whether short term or ongoing, we focus on getting you closer to consumers. A Join the Dots community provides a cost-effective, fast and intimate platform to deliver the voice of customers into the heart of your business.

With community panels of up to 26,000 consumers, it’s crucial that we put people at the centre of our research, from the way we communicate and ask questions, to the way we design and execute our studies. By putting people at the centre of our thinking, we can see things which influence our research design, such as the context and content of research activities, and the communication methods we use.

This new philosophy has hugely influenced our methods and tools – we’ve taken a mobile-first approach to research based on our multi-screen lives, and we’ve developed new tools that reflect today’s always-on world. Our approach ensures we find those nuggets of insight that help you understand people and make better business decisions. Moreover, we achieve increased engagement and response rates across devices and demographics.

We currently run over 50 continuous online communities, many of which are global, with the largest currently spanning 10 markets. We conduct online communities in multiple local languages, from Mandarin and Japanese to French, German, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

Since 2006 we have run communities for many of the world’s largest brands including Diageo, GSK and Unilever.

at home with Unilever

Unilever wanted to get closer to consumers and get their help in shaping the future direction of its brands, marketing and products. Our 26,000 strong online community panel 'At Home with Unilever' provides ongoing research to help Unilever to get closer to consumers and future-proof the business, by developing a range of actionable insights delivered in a timely and engaging manner. To date, we have conducted research on virtually every brand, category and customer.

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