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As industry leaders who have worked with communities for over ten years, we’ve witnessed this methodology’s evolution first-hand. But businesses today face new challenges, consumers have new distractions, and research has new barriers. Now more than ever, online communities must offer both agile and immersive methodologies to deliver faster, more in-depth insights.

Communities by their very nature are flexible – there is no fixed size, duration or activity base – and our model is tailored and bespoke-built based on an individual client’s objectives. Whatever those objectives, a community provides a cost-effective means to understand people and, in turn, help clients make better business decisions.

Communities are one of the key ways we take advantage of our insight ecosystem, allowing us to ask questions, listen to organic conversations, and observe behaviour.

ask: BBC decision frameworks

The BBC wanted to understand how people make decisions (large or small) and in particular, to quantify existing hypotheses around this. They also sought to understand how cognitive biases, social pressures and digital technology influence how people find and use information.

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