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Whether short term or ongoing, our approach to communities and panels is simple. We focus on getting you closer to consumers. Our latest generation of community software helps to get you closer to the moments that matter, uncovering real emotions, behaviours and beliefs. Covering both traditional and innovative question-types, community tools harness the power of conversation, sharing and collaboration, to provide a window into the lives of consumers.

Our communities are used to answer a vast range of business challenges including development and optimisation of communications, product/services and customer journeys. Crucially, we continually learn and draw insights from community participants as we join the dots between projects and also integrate the latest thinking in consumer decision making and trends.

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A Join the Dots community can truly help you get closer to your customers. It provides a cost-effective, fast and intimate platform to deliver the voice of customers into the heart of your business, by delivering always-on research. Our people-centred approach to online communities ensure we find those nuggets of insight that help you understand people and make better business decisions.

By putting people at the centre of our thinking, we can see things which influence our research design, such as the context of research activities, and the communication methods we use. This new philosophy has hugely influenced our methods and tools – we’ve taken a mobile-first approach to research based on our multi-screen lives, and we’ve developed new  tools that reflect today’s always-on world. The result is increased engagement and response rates across devices and demographics.

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