do you want to put consumer needs at the heart of your brand strategy?

consumer trends

We have made it our mission to arm clients with an applied understanding of the fundamental human needs that sit behind every purchase we make. We do this in such a way that helps them take actions to future proof their business. For this, we use our unique Consumer Trends model, which centres on human needs – this allows us to unpick what people really care about!

Our model is designed to put consumers at the heart of the situation and ultimately help clients to steer round distracting short-lived fads or leap on far-flung trends. We have designed our model to support clients with their strategic mid-term planning cycles (1-3 years). The model generates key insights for short term executional goals, as well as giving view of what is to come on the horizon.

applications of consumer trends

Identifying Trends: We can monitor the relevance of trends and plot future trajectories. By extrapolating from consumer data, we ensure our mapped trends address human needs, ensuring that you focus on trends that build business longevity.


Portfolio Management: As brands evolve in line with current culture, there is always a temptation to incorporate the latest fad. We can help provide guidance on what NPD/comms to do next, whilst maintaining appropriateness for your brand and consumer base.


Brand Strategy: Long term strategic planning can be a challenging task. We can help you by predicting where the next consumer shift could be (1-3 years). We can support you in determining what needs to be refreshed and/or retained in your brand portfolio.


Brand Positioning: In the face of shifting needs and cultural changes our model can help to redefine and shape brand positioning. We can identify the opportunities to address or tackle topics in a needs-based way, ultimately helping to inform comms/advertisement briefing and NPD.

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