applying commercial and cultural context

Our online communities provide a window into the lives of thousands of people, allowing us to spot trends as soon as they emerge as unmet needs in their lives. We identify and follow the transition of these from attitude, to behaviour, to trend. We then explore real-world uptake of trends within your markets and identify future opportunities for your brand.

To contextualise this data, our network of Illume Guides (articulate, savvy consumers) provide cultural understanding and social intelligence. They live and breathe the latest trends, acting as our eyes and ears on the ground in different markets across the world, helping us to understand cultures from a leading-edge, local perspective.

Finally, we analyse this rich stream of information through our cross-cultural framework – all grounded in Positive Psychology. These three elements of the insight ecosystem enable us to apply trends for you at a local, human and actionable level. We call it trend spotting from the consumers’ world.

TSB consumer trends

The insights and planning teams at TSB commissioned us to assess and distil existing customer and market insights around their lending products and borrowing in general, in order to inform future marketing and proposition development.

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our offer

We are dedicated to delivering consumer centred foresight and cultural understanding for our clients. We are passionate about determining the underlying human need in relation to commercial challenges, and we know that the long term success of your business is underpinned by the ability to spot emerging shifts in consumers’ behaviour. We have a number of tools, techniques and methodologies that make up our offer, and we use these across a set of core products. Click the dots below to find out more.

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