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Our dedicated Culture & Trends team work alongside primary researchers to add context and drive insight into foresight. With a window into the lives of over 40,000 consumers across our online communities and a network of experts across the globe, the team help us to understand people and their changing lives, wherever they are.

The team are involved with both long-term community clients and ad hoc projects, from mapping changing global healthcare needs for GSK, to informing future strategy for TSB.

TSB consumer trends

The insights and planning teams at TSB commissioned us to assess and distil existing customer and market insights around their lending products and borrowing in general, in order to inform future marketing and proposition development.

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Being immersed in international research across the business, we’re uniquely placed to spot trends as they emerge as needs in people’s lives. These trends are grouped into themes and mapped back to drivers, which together create our happiness framework. This framework summarises the consumer trends that we currently think are the most important. By their very nature, trends come and go, so we’ll see some of these become less important over time, and we’ll also identify new trends emerging.


Exploring the trends within our online communities has revealed that they are not all equal. Some are ‘bigger’, that is the need is felt by more consumers, whilst others are smaller and more ‘emerging’. Each trend has a unique demographic and sector profile, depending on the consumer groups who most align themselves to that trend and the market sectors in which the trend is most prevalent.


But understanding people goes beyond our happiness framework. The team curate consumer and market intelligence from over a hundred sources including – LS:N, Trendwatching and PSFK.


They also consult our Illume Network of global cultural experts, who share their local knowledge about consumer behaviour and cultural influences, giving us a cultural perspective on trends as they play out across the world.

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