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cultural clarity

We have found that having a good cultural lens to examine the consumer has been essential in allowing us to derive genuine, actionable insights. When it comes to understanding different cultures, we need to get at the things that consumers can’t readily articulate.

Whilst certain human needs are almost universal, the way that these need manifest in local markets is culturally specific. Cultural Clarity is about uncovering the core values and drivers that are deeply ingrained in a culture, and understanding the influence they have on the attitudes and behaviours of the people in that culture.

By delivering Cultural Clarity, we illuminate what is central to a culture so that our clients can better understand their target consumer and achieve commercial success.

applications of cultural clarity

Identifying Trends: By understanding a core culture and the forces for change impacting it, we can identify and make sense of emerging trends in your key markets. This will ensure that you go after the trends that are the most culturally relevant and that build business longevity.


Stakeholder Immersion: As opportunities to do cultural deep dives restricted by budget, we can bring the voice of your local market consumers to you. We deliver immersive workshops to bring cultures to life, which allows your stakeholders to learn more about their audiences.


Brand Strategy: Long term strategic planning can be a challenging task. We can help you understand local markets on a deeper level, enabling the identification of opportunities and new ideas that will support your strategic planning activities.


Brand Positioning: There’s a fine line when it comes to getting it ‘right’ in local markets. By providing clarity on the core culture, we can help you position your brand in the most culturally relevant way through comms and advertising.

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