customer journeys

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We know that people are emotional and often irrational. So to truly understand how and why they make decisions, we must do more than ask questions – we need to observe behaviour. Our insight ecosystem offers flexible tools to help us uncover the path to purchase.

Observation tools like our self-ethnography app provide a high quality way to capture depth in a customer journey so that we can witness first-hand the factors that impact decision-making along the way. The beauty of an app is its agility, allowing for insight generation and analysis in real-time. Finally, the longitudinal reach afforded by the app allows you to build a relationship and stay close to people during their journeys.

intu shopper journeys

intu had a good understanding of some touchpoints, and the in-centre experience for some customer groups. However, to enhance the customer experience further, they needed to look at the customer journey of each shopper type in detail, in order that staff training in all centres go further in developing intu's brand promise of bringing joy.

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