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Making sense of multi-channel journeys, the shopper mind set and the customer experience, are increasingly important to our clients.

Mapping journeys isn’t a new idea, but traditional maps are reductionist, linear and task-focused. Traditional approaches don’t think about the emotional, and often irrational, person at the centre of the journey, or the wider context of the decisions to be made. Clearly, there is scope for improvement!

This is why we’ve put people at the centre of our research into customer journeys by developing the UP (Understanding People) Framework…



The UP Framework is based on principles from behavioural science, psychology and our experience of working with consumers over the last fifteen years.

With people at it’s centre it has a solid grounding in how consumers actually think, rather than traditional models of rational consumers, and as such acts as a catalyst for hypotheses development. It helps us to decide on the best methods to use to answer objectives, and then acts as an analysis framework throughout the research.

It moves us away from focusing on specific tasks, and instead gives us a broader appreciation of context, social and environmental factors, risk and importance of decisions, and emotions, habits and predispositions of the individual. This means as well as using it to frame customer journey research, it’s flexible enough that we can apply it to certain points of the journey – from concept testing, to pricing, to user experience, and everywhere in between.

Crucially, we know that consumer trends are an integral part of the decision making process, which is why they surround the framework and inform our thinking throughout the research project.

We work closely with you, rather than for you, which means our outputs are focused around the key insights and recommendations rather than information you already know.

We’re proud to have won the AURA Communication award four times in the last six years. Our reporting methods include everything from traditional debriefs and workshops, to more thought-provoking gamification techniques, to engage clients in research findings.

More than just reporting insight, we work closely with clients to implement findings and drive business change. The end of a research project is just the start of your organisation’s journey.


web_Sally Lewis_9678Ready to see the UP Framework put into practice?

Find out how we gained an understanding of the consumer path to purchase for Freeview here.

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