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Since 1998 we’ve been conducting research to understand the digital landscape and the behaviour of consumers within it.

We were the first UK research agency to specialise in digital and have conducted hundreds of visitor surveys and thousands of user tests to date.

Our work in digital spans a huge range of areas, from user testing new apps and web pages or processes, to helping the marketing team explore an online proposition.

We bring to bear our knowledge from hundreds of projects alongside our wider knowledge of the contemporary consumer.

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exploring the digital customer journey

The role of digital is increasingly complex and fragmented. We know consumers transition between the digital and offline environment quickly, and often without much thought – it has become ingrained behaviour. Our journey mapping approach helps clients to understand what the customer journey looks like, what the key touchpoints are, and provides direction on how to positively influence the key moments of truth for consumers.

one to one UX interviews

Depth interviews remain the best way to assess the user experience (and usability) and gain detailed feedback from website and mobile device users. This nuance and detail is vital in enabling us to identify specific actions or changes to the site, which will improve customer experience. Our team have a wealth of experience in this area and combine the best qualitative and UX knowledge to provide rich and actionable insights.

visitor surveys

Visitor surveys (website or app) are a cost effective way of understanding your audience and their overall experience of your digital offer. This in the moment research technique produces insights that are fresh and accurate. We’ve conducted hundreds of these over the years and have a bank of normative data we can use to put the findings into context.

web analytics

Web analytics are great for understanding what visitors are doing; combined with primary research they give us accurate data to understand your users’ experience. Behavioural data is a much more accurate substitute for asking e.g. we know visitors under-report their use of site search. An exploration of analytics is a typical start point for any digital project at Join the Dots.

Our clients include seven of the top ten UK e-retailers, and our team lead the MRS courses on online and website research.

Recent projects have involved understanding the customer journey in our complex multi-channel world. We appreciate that projects of this type often involve a tailored mix of methods, approaches and skills to meet the brief.

We’re happy to offer support in managing the multidisciplinary teams involved in projects of this type. We’re equally at home talking tech with the developers or marketing speak with the ad agency; this is business as usual for us.


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