a day in the life of a community administrator

meet Reece

Reece graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012 with a degree in History. Prior to starting his role at Join the Dots, Reece spent several years in China where he worked as an English and World History teacher.


How did you get in to work this morning?
I hopped on the bus to Manchester with all the other morning commuters. Before heading straight to the office, I’ll usually pop into a nearby supermarket to buy some food for the day; especially if it’s my turn to bring in goodies for the team on ‘Snack Fridays’.


What’s the first thing you do when you get in the office?
CAs have several community platforms to watch over, so it’s always a good idea to check your inboxes first thing. Once everyone is settled, there is usually a morning catch-up with the rest of the team – seeing what everyone’s workload is looking like for the day and who can help out with what.


Who do you sit with?
I sit with my fellow CA colleagues, but we work in a big office space beside all the other teams so there’s always something going on or a laugh to be had.


What is the bulk of your time spent doing?
All sorts! I’d say the majority of my time is spent moderating discussions, uploading topics on to communities, proofreading reports and keeping a regular eye on my inboxes. In addition to the usual work we receive, ad hoc projects can pop up quite frequently too. This can comprise of tasks such as video editing, designing research guides and website testing. The diversity of work constantly keeps things fresh.


What got you into social media?
I remember first hearing about social media back in secondary school when a few of my pals started a page for their band on Myspace. It’s crazy to think how much the industry has come along since then, especially now with the popularity of smartphones – we’re all constantly connected. It’s refreshing to be working for a company that recognises the importance of social media in the modern world.


Quant or Qual?
CAs have a variety of responsibilities that fall into both the Quant and Qual category. You may be moderating a discussion in the morning and data checking a report in the afternoon; organising a live chat session followed by handling survey analysis tools…the work we do is always shifting. However, If I had to choose one or the other, I think I’d have to go with Qual. This side of data can draw more from people’s personal experience and offer a level of insight that Quant can struggle to match.


Where do you see your future at Join the Dots?
I’ve only been working at Join the Dots for around 5 months, but so far I’m really enjoying my time here. The office has a really friendly atmosphere and I like the assortment of work that CAs are assigned with. Additionally, the company seems to be continuously changing and evolving, which opens up the prospect for career progression further down the line.


Where’s the best place for buying lunch in Manchester?
Recently I’ve found myself eating at the Jerk Shack, which is just round the corner from Market Street. They sell the nicest Caribbean street food – I’d definitely recommend the curried mutton if you ever pop in!

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