global insight

Focusing particularly on consumer markets, we deliver the insight that you need to make business decisions either locally in particular markets or strategically across regions or categories.

Our approach is methodologically neutral in that we can deliver ad hoc or communities, qualitative or quantitative research. We build the methodology depending on your research need.

It’s this approach that makes us different from our competitors. We’re not driven by methodology or bound by technology, and we develop research programmes that work for you globally. In doing so we bring consumers closer to you, wherever you want to speak to them.



To help provide continuity across markets we will provide you with a dedicated Account Team. Your Account Director and the team will work with our methodological experts (including advertising and communications, pack design, pricing, behaviour change, and consumer trends) and our global operations team.

Once the approach has been decided our global research teams will ensure that your research is undertaken, analysed and delivered in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way using our International Moderator Network (IMN). The IMN are a cohort of nationals from all the countries we operate in and they help us to ensure, among other things, that the tone of our research is appropriate to that market and that we view the research and its implications from the appropriate cultural standpoint.

For us, global research is all about supporting our clients who have a need to work in more than one market at a time. Our ethos is that we are with you wherever you need to understand your customers. Our proposition allows us to stretch with you and, through a dedicated Account Team, a network of experts, and a team of international moderators, we bring together all of your research learning seamlessly.

We work with some of the biggest multinational companies in the world including GSK, BP, Diageo and Unilever.

Our most active markets are the UK, US, India, China, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Poland and Japan, but we have worked in over 50 countries across the globe to date.

Whilst some of our global communities are conducted in English, we also run local language research in Polish, Dutch, Mandarin, French, German and Japanese.

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