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Our ethos of getting you closer to your consumers extends globally and we can deliver the insight that you need to make better business decisions, whether that be locally in a particular market or strategically across regions or categories.

We work with a wide portfolio of multinational companies including GSK, Kellogg’s and Diageo, and they take advantage of the range of different research solutions that we can offer through our European, Asian and American hubs.

We are not bound by an approach or technology, so some clients just use our Culture & Trends offer, or global Illume Network of leading-edge consumers, others our qualitative excellence approach, Spirit, and for others we provide global long term communities. Most of our clients use a number of these services and what we believe adds value is the way that we bring all of these different services together through a dedicated account team. Providing a team that understand your categories, brand and commercial challenges is central to what we offer, we are here to help you make better business decisions.

GSK global healthcare community

GSK wanted to include consumers far more in their decision making around the globe. Their vision was for a community that allowed them to "immerse the consumer in every conversation through delivering unbiased, actionable, forward thinking insights that drive successful innovation, design & communication".

GSK Consumer Healthcare needed a solution with capacity, over 150 reports a year, and a solution with speed that gave them 24/7 access to their customers. Our qualitative Health Hub provided the answer.

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