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ask, listen, observe

In a world of continuous change our response to the challenges faced by clients, has been to develop an insight ecosystem with three cornerstones, from which we’ve learned how to understand people; these are ask, listen and observe.



Our people-centred research philosophy and mobile-first approach enable us to have better conversations with people, ask them better questions and get better answers.


Whether it’s our online community or award-winning question toolkit, we are constantly innovating with the digital generation in mind, to reflect the way people communicate, interact with technology and live their lives today.



With so much digital noise around us, it’s important that we also listen to people online, whether via social media, or on forums and blogs.


We can track spontaneous digital activity to discover the brands, content and people being discussed online. Social intelligence gives us access to the organic, natural conversations that are happening at an unprecedented scale across the web.



To truly understand people, we need to do more than ask questions and listen to their online conversations. We also need to observe their behaviours, in-context and in-the-moment using our digital ethnography approaches and apps.


From capturing video vox-pops at scale to more immersive mobile ethnography techniques, we use video research to enable people to show us their lives, stories and experiences.

ask: BBC decision frameworks

The BBC wanted to understand how people make decisions (large or small) and in particular, to quantify existing hypotheses around this. They also sought to understand how cognitive biases, social pressures and digital technology influence how people find and use information.

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listen: understanding sufferer journeys

Athlete’s Foot is a common condition of which the treatment and management journey is increasingly being informed by digital resources rather than physicians. Our client needed to understand the sufferer journey further in light of this.

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observe: AutoTrader's micro moments

AutoTrader wanted to better understand the car purchase journey, clearly defining the stages consumers go through (including by key target segment). They had some knowledge, but it was disparate and disjointed. They wanted a holistic, deeper understanding. We used Indeemo to conduct mobile ethno and uncover the micro moments of the car buying journey.

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