people centred research

The research industry faces multiple threats, from new technologies to disruptive adjacencies like social media. But some of our greatest challenges come from within; the need to obtain representative, quality insights from the people we need to take part. Only then can we deliver insights which deliver commercial competitive advantage for your brand.

For too long the research industry has taken people who participate in our studies for granted. We feel the time has come to put people at the centre of market research, from the way we communicate and ask questions, to the way we design and execute our studies.


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So how do we put people at the centre of market research?

The first step is easy – we just stop thinking like a researcher and start thinking like regular people! Then we can start to see things which influence our research design:

  • What’s the context? – where are people when they get our research invitations  and what else are they doing?
  • What should be the content of the research activity? – we need to be clever in the way we ask questions, how many and the types of questions we ask
  • And finally, how should we communicate during the study? For example – how do people want to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions nowadays, using what devices?

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