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capturing organic conversations

By listening to organic, spontaneous conversations all over the web, we can uncover insights that are unreachable by asking questions alone. People share stories, photos and videos at an unprecedented scale online, most prevalent on social media platforms and in forums and blogs. Combining manual scraping with social ethnography, we can explore consumer views, understand context, identify trends and evaluate a brand.

This social listening process generates unstructured data, which then needs to be turned into ‘intelligence’. Fortunately, using our insight ecosystem we can integrate social data with other insight streams like communities, which can help us identify hot topics, or understand hard to reach audiences. We can further develop this insight using our culture and trends expertise, adding cultural context and market knowledge to social data to truly understand people all over the world.

listen: understanding sufferer journeys

Athlete’s Foot is a common condition of which the treatment and management journey is increasingly being informed by digital resources rather than physicians. Our client needed to understand the sufferer journey further in light of this.

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