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Spirit is the realisation of an understated passion for qualitative research within Join the Dots. If you’re looking to get closer to your consumers and seeking magnetism and meaning, you’ve just found your kindred spirits. Supported by our crew of designers, trend spotters, filmmakers and storytellers, Spirit is here to help you transcend your business challenges.

We draw our strength from Join the Dots’ strong heritage in developing smart technology – technology that allows us to interact with consumers in ways that truly reflect the realities of their everyday lives; technology that enables us to reach out to them in the moments that really matter.


we leverage smart people and smart technology

You’re most likely to find us working on audience understanding, communications and proposition development, exploring customer journeys or evaluating user experiences for some of the worlds biggest brands.

We deliver on and offline qualitative approaches for our clients and we have a wide variety of techniques and tools at our disposal. That said, our aim is to approach every project with fresh thinking. Rest assured we will only apply methodologies that we truly believe will get you tangible, actionable results.

Like the detail? Here’s some of the methods we piece together to make magic for our clients…

Mobile  I  Video  I  Communities   Co-creation   Ethnography and Self-Ethnography   Discussion Groups   Depths  I  Accompanied Shops   Expert Interviews   User Testing   Hall Tests … and more.


House of Fraser audience understanding

In 2016, House of Fraser embarked on a project to develop their brand ideology. As part of this they needed us to get them closer to their target customer. Our job was to unravel what makes her, her - in ways that would bring her to life for key stakeholders throughout the business.

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understanding Freeview switchers

Freeview identified a need to broaden and build upon their existing knowledge of their target audience in order that they might determine the likely triggers and barriers to Freeview adoption and to more accurately identify where these consumers drop out of the ‘switching to Freeview’ journey

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intu shopper journeys

intu had a good understanding of some touchpoints, and the in-centre experience for some customer groups. However, to enhance the customer experience further, they needed to look at the customer journey of each shopper type in detail, in order that staff training in all centres go further in developing intu's brand promise of bringing joy.

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