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up trends

UP Trends is the new applied consumer trends model from our Culture & Trends team.

It combines a deep understanding of people with our trend expertise to help clients design for changing consumer needs. The model is unique because it bridges the gap between the now and next, and in doing so makes trends easier to apply and ultimately more useful.

Our 14 trends are grounded in Positive Psychology, and are backed up by data. They are fully profiled UK trends, launched in January this year. You can download the new trends here.

We have designed UP Trends to support clients with their strategic mid-term planning cycles (1-3 years). Currently it is aimed at UK brands, but we are looking to roll it out to other markets in the future.

applications of up trends

Identifying Trends: We can determine the relevance of trends and plot their future trajectories. By extrapolating from our trends data, we ensure trends address genuine human needs, meaning that you can focus on trends that build business longevity for your brand.


Portfolio Management: As brands evolve in line with current culture, there is always a temptation to incorporate the latest fad. We can help provide guidance on what NPD to do next, whilst maintaining appropriateness for your brand and consumer base.


Brand Strategy: Long term strategic planning can be a challenging task. We can help you by predicting where the next consumer shift could be (1-3 years). We can support you in determining what needs to be refreshed and/or retained in your brand portfolio.


Fueling Innovation: We provide rich innovation fuel enabling you to tackle future-facing development in a needs-based way. Our model delivers a consumer needs-based platform for innovation in NPD, communications, advertisement and partnerships, offering a stronger start for innovation.

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