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We know you need insights that go beyond the things people say they do. To get a better understanding of how people behave, we need to do more than ask and listen. We need to observe. With international capabilities and flexible tools, we can tailor our observation techniques to your brief to ensure we conduct truly innovative research.

Within our insight ecosystem, our range of ethnography apps allow you to get closer than ever before to your consumers and closer to spontaneous, real-world, in context, behaviours. We can capture video vox-pops at scale, or immerse ourselves in the worlds of just a small group of people. We can even film on location with professional videographers to give you the bigger picture.

observe: AutoTrader's micro moments

AutoTrader wanted to better understand the car purchase journey, clearly defining the stages consumers go through (including by key target segment). They had some knowledge, but it was disparate and disjointed. They wanted a holistic, deeper understanding. We used Indeemo to conduct mobile ethno and uncover the micro moments of the car buying journey.

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