harnessing video data

At  Join the Dots, we specialise in communicating insights. Since 2011 we’ve won the Association for Users of Research Award (AURA) for Communication four times. It’s an award which recognises communication that creates the wow factor, communication that our clients are proud to put in front of any internal audience.

During this same period we’ve seen the appetite for video deliverables increase significantly. Indeed, in a world where we all live increasingly digitised lifestyles and where video on demand is increasingly becoming the norm, video is fast becoming the format of choice for anyone wanting to broadcast their content – and tell their stories – as effectively as possible and in ways that inspire genuine action.

But video can bring so much more to the research experience…

harnessing data

The true power of the medium is, of course, the role it can play as both a method for reporting insights in impactful ways and the role it plays in enhancing our methodologies – as an instrument for conducting truly innovative research.

At Join the Dots we have a number of ground-breaking video-based tools that get you closer to the moments that matter – closer to spontaneous, real-world, in context, behaviours.

Video can help us to create bonds between consumers and brands, it can help us to bridge the gap between the intellectual and the emotional. And of course, using video as a research tool is increasingly enabled by the fact that we live in a world where it is more and more commonplace for people to document their own lives on video and where there is an ever-increasing appetite and acceptance amongst us to be filmed.

As humans we are hard-wired to pay attention to moving images. Why not work with us to capture and present insights people don’t want to look away from.

Want web_Sally Lewis_9678to find out more about harnessing video data?

Find out how we used video to understand ‘switchers’ for Freeview here.

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